David Korchin has more than one camera.

 © Joni Rentz  northfrkd.com

© Joni Rentz northfrkd.com

The idea that you could get by your whole life with a single pencil, a sole pair of shoes, is an attractive one. I thought early on that a film rangefinder and 28mm lens was all that I needed to thrive. So the title was a kind of self-challenge, a throw-down to see if I could do a body of work with a simple rig. 

But recognizing that some assignments demand different perspectives, my gear has had to keep up. Still, you can only shoot with one thing at a time {;-) so my early philosophy still stands. No apologies for my revisionist history; that’s what blogs do.

This is my portfolio/calling card/freelance shingle. It changes with my mood; for now, it’s a blog—but it’s been other things, and will probably turn into something else yet again. I work at an advertising agency as a day job, and shoot commercial and personal work around the edges of my career. Currently thriving in Brooklyn, NY.

There is a lot more of onecameraonelens work on the onecamera flicker page.

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