Rail's End / by David Korchin

Greenport Yard, Greenport NY—the active railway link between The 'Fork and Brooklyn, and all point between. I often think the influx of tourists here is recent, due to the delectable bay-and-farm-to-table offerings, and curated publications like Edible East End and www.northfrkd.com (full disclosure, I photograph for the latter...) But Weekending has been a tradition in this neck of the woods for hundreds of years.

The ninety-four miles of railway track that links Brooklyn to Greenport was put into service in July, 1844. It was intended to be part of a system that would take passengers to the east end of Long Island by train, then by ferry to Stonington, CT, then again by train to Boston, MA—but the scheme never came to fruition. Instead, it allowed local industry in fishing and farming to flourish, and brought a steady flow of weekenders from the City to the North Fork.